Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Money Bubble About to Pop

Gold expert James Turk thinks the biggest bubble of all is long past its expiration date. Turk thinks this bubble will end like all bubbles. Turk predicts, “This money bubble is going to pop. It has to because there is just too much debt in the world. That debt has to be reconciled and, ultimately, when you are reconciling debt, it gets back to the point about collateral on the balance sheets. There is just not enough good collateral to support all of this paper money circulating out there.”

- Source, USA Watchdog

Monday, August 17, 2015

It All Comes Down To A Golden Education

James Turk of Gold Money joined us today to discuss the ever deteriorating European/Euro debacle. Greece is having its Grapes of Wrath-Steinbeck moment and as you would expect, their government is absolutely clueless about what can be done about it. But in emergencies, one thing we can all count on is that government will fail, and they will attempt to convince the populace they're in control and solving the problem. Which is why James has started the GoldMoney Foundation: he wants to educate people about sound money and limited government. Right now, the audience for such ideas is narrow. However, with each progression on the road to economic collapse, the number of awakened individuals increases and the demand for gold and silver goes up as well. The problem is that most people will not get it until paper money has ceased to function. Hopefully, through all of our efforts, many people will be able to avoid this fate.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

$8,000 GOLD and $400 SILVER

James Turk interviewed on GoldFiend.com discussing Gold, Silver, Hyperinflation, the US Dollar Collapse, the Sovereign Debt Crisis and more.

Friday, August 7, 2015

James Turk: GoldMoney, Bitgold, Bitcoin, Precious Metals, China, Greece

Jeff interviews James Turk, topics include: Bitgold acquires GoldMoney.com, creates Gold Money Group, international precious metal vaults, digital gold for payments, cryptocurrencies, bypassing capital control, getting assets out before financial collapse, the situation in Greece, gold as sound money, the demise of fiat currency, gold and silver price, huge demand for silver bullion, gold and silver in backwardation, Citigroup derivatives exposure, Bitcoin and the Greek situation, un-safe deposit boxes, GoldMoney.com, Chinese stock market crash presaged the crash of 2008, Government intervention in markets, financial moves made for political reasons often unsound, Greece vs the Eurozone, financial contagion, staggering un-payable debt globally, the collapse of socialism, the trouble with socialism is you eventually run out of other people's money, the issue of debt is not solved by issuing more debt, total government debt has more than doubled worldwide since 2008, hang on to your gold and silver!

- Source, TDV

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Inflation is probably going to come back with a vengeance

Inflation is much higher than the government reports it. I follow the numbers of John Williams at ShadowStats. I also look at prices of goods and services that aren't counted in the CPI, but they're things that we have to live with day in and day out. Things like the rise in medical expenses, the rise in college tuitions, the rise in a lot of other everyday living expenses that aren't captured in the CPI.

There's no doubt we’re in a situation where, even though inflation is reportedly tame, there is inflation, and it’s constantly eroding the purchasing power of all currencies. And because interest rates are lower than the inflation rate, that erosion of purchasing power means you're losing wealth with bank deposits. If you put $100 in a bank today, at the end of the year, you maybe have a $100.50 because of the interest that you're earning, but your purchasing power might be $98 or $97. In other words, you're losing wealth by holding fiat currencies.

There has also been some impact limiting inflation, to a certain extent, from declining oil prices. Oil went all the way down to $43 a barrel. Oil is now back up to $60 a barrel. Gasoline has risen five weeks in a row. Inflation is probably going to come back with a vengeance as crude oil prices go back to a more normal level, which, in my mind, is something over $80 a barrel. So my view on inflation is that it will worsen.

- James Turk via HAI

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

They're going to follow the Cyprus script

Remember that Greece has 320 billion euros of debt. The European Central Bank has about 112 billion euros of that debt. The ECB is not going to take a loss on that debt. They're going to follow the Cyprus script. They're going to take the money deposited in Greek banks to repay themselves, and bank depositors are the ones that are going to be hurt as a consequence. Depositors in Greek banks are going to lose money just like happened to the people in Cyprus who had deposited their money into Cypriot banks.

- Source, James Turk via HAI

Thursday, July 9, 2015

There are still a lot of problems in the banking system

It’s basically meaningless in the sense that nothing fundamental has changed for the better for the dollar. The federal government is still running huge deficits. There's still too much debt. There are still a lot of problems in the banking system. There's just too much money-printing going on around the world.

What's happened is that for six months or so the dollar rallied because of all of the problems that were emerging in Japan and in the Eurozone. The dollar jumped all the way up to 100 on the Dollar Index, but it was an emotional knee-jerk reaction. People were moving their money into the dollar to avoid the problems plaguing other currencies. They were also drawn to the dollar to try generating a rate of return, or if that was not possible, to at least avoid the negative interest rates in the euro, yen and Swiss franc.

- Source, James Turk via HAI

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Global Money Bubble Getting Close To Bursting

The money bubble has not yet burst, although we’re getting close to that moment in time. We’re seeing some unusual events that have occurred over the past 12 months.

For example, although interest rates have moved back up recently, a couple of weeks ago, people were paying money to have the German government take their money for 10 years. That's a sign something is amiss. Capitalism doesn’t work that way. If you pay to have your money decrease over 10 years, you're destroying capital.

Still, we haven't had the pop of the bubble yet, but we’re on a clear trend toward the bubble popping, which it will if we don’t go back to sound money policies. The popping of the bubble means that fiat currencies will no longer be used and trusted in commerce the way they are now because people will have lost confidence in them.

- Source, James Turk via HAI

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